Top Tricks For Table Football Players

May 16, 2022 0 Comments

Having mastered the basics of table football, there are all sorts of Foosball trick shots to practice and with which to amaze opponents. Descriptions of the following trick shots assume a 1-2-5-3 formation.

The “Bank Shot” utilises the 5-man rod (the third rod from the goal). Use the middle player on the 5-man rod to pin the ball to the table. Pick the side of the table from which to bounce the shot. Move the man slightly to the side of the ball opposite your chosen wall so that the player touches approximately one third of the ball. Rolling the wrist towards the floor will push down on this third of the ball. The ball should strike the side of the table wall, rebounding at an angle towards the goal. This is very similar to a “double” shot in snooker or pool; the table wall being used instead of a cushion to produce the required angle.

The “Rebound Smash” requires controlling the ball with the closest man on the 5-man rod. Obviously, this player will not be lined up with the goal. Push the ball about 1″ and strike it into the goal wall at such an angle that it will rebound back towards the middle man on the third rod. Move the middle man to receive the rebounded ball and (hopefully) wallop it into the goal. This shot requires plenty of practice, as the pace of the ball bouncing from the end of the table makes it very easy to miss.

In order to perform a “Snake Shot,” pin the ball to the table with the middle man on the 5-man bar, near the centre of the table. Hold the handle of the rod close to the inside of the wrist. Choose the position from which to shoot. Push / pull the rod to get the ball rolling sideways and ทางเข้า ufabet ภาษาไทย follow it with the man to the correct position from which to make the shot. Spin the rod hard, with an upwards pull of the arm, rolling the handle until it catches in the fingers. This will spin the rod backward (anticlockwise), propelling the ball into the goal. Be certain to keep a grip on the handle; this will keep the rod from turning more than once, an illegal move in foosball.

The performance of trick shots intable football can be aided by tacky, padded, foosball wraps which help in gripping the handles of the table. Other extras which can enhance the playing experience of table football include counter-balanced players with a wider tournament-style foot pattern, allowing for enhanced ball control, ground urethane balls which roll truly and are easier for gripping and accurate shooting and automatic ball return. Some high quality Foosball tables feature solid wood handles (often maple) which provide superior grip and prevent slipping, thick, chrome-plated steel rods to withstand bending and split bearings for more smoothly sliding rods (and easier cleaning).

Additionally, laminated playing surfaces are resistant to damage, independently adjustable leg levellers ensure straightforward installation on the most uneven of floors and aluminium supports make the table more stable.